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Welcome to the Institute of Design, Material and Fabrication

The Institute of Design, Material and Fabrication (IDMF) was founded in July 2013 in collaboration with Prof. Shea, Prof. Ermanni and Prof. Meboldt.

IDMF focuses on Engineering Design as a fundamental discipline within Mechanical Engineering including novel material systems, design methodology, methods and tools, development of innovative technical solutions and novel fabrication processes. IDMF will develop new synergies in research and industrial collaboration as well as in the Engineering Design education at MAVT.

It currently consists of three independent laboratories.

EDAC Computational design synthesis and optimization

Engineering Design and Computing Laboratory

The Engineering Design and Computing Laboratory investigates cutting-edge computational models, methods and tools to automate design and fabrication processes, explore large design spaces and develop more innovative and complex engineered systems and products. The research is interdisciplinary combining engineering, design and computing and considers early conceptual design phases through to the fabrication of novel solutions.  

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Laboratory of Composite Materials and Adaptive Structures

Our group is focusing on design, modeling and fabrication of adaptive material systems and composites structures for application in lightweight systems. Our approach combines experimental techniques, analytical and numerical methods to understand, to simulate and to verify the physical behavior of the developed solutions.

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Product Development Group Zurich

We at the Product Development Group Zurich (pd|z) focus on human-centred product development and regard the link between research and education as the key to excellence in training. We see ourselves as a partner for industry and promote the continuous transfer of knowledge through cooperation, as well as the training and further education of students and graduates to strengthen the competitiveness of mechanical engineering industry.

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